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BOY    SCOUT    TROOP    52

Sponsored by
Grandview School PTA
Millcreek Township
Erie, Pennsylvania

About Us

We were started in 1990 by a few parents involved in their son's cub scout packs. They wanted to offer the boys a chance to progress from cub scouts to boy scouts without having to change organizations. Grandview PTA sponsored the scout troop, even though the boys did not attend the school anymore. The school and PTA have been supportive and helpful. The troop has grown in size and leadership over the years becoming very successful with a variety of activities and solid adult leadership. We camp an average of once a month and try to mix in some variety, as well as, a few regular favorites.

Advancement is important to our boys. Currently we have graduated 5 Eagle Scouts with a 6th awaiting the paperwork to return. We have several boys that have earned their Life rank before their 14th birthdays.

We are proud of our boys and their accomplishments.

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Other information

Outings: Some of our favorites
Membership: The people who make it happen