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Other Information

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Membership: Our reason for being here

Some of our favorite camping trips

Custaloga Scout Reservation

Camp Beaumont

Tinnerman Canoe Base (Canada)

Dayton, Ohio Air Force Museum

Kinzua Bridge (Campout / Service project)

Canoe trip on the Allegheny River

Cuba Lake on the ice campout

Gettysburg National Park

Wesley Woods (Camping / Horseback riding)

Camp Ohlmstead

Future Outings

Educational, fun and affordable are our criteria for outings. We attempt to take 1 major outing each year that is above and beyond the normal campout. Currently, we are investigating a train trip "out west". No specific destination has been determined at this point. The oceanographic institute in Maryland is raising considerable interest among the boys and adults. This is highly probable by the summer of 1999.